10 Steps to Craft an Exceptional RN Resume


The field of nursing is fiercely competitive, making an Exceptional RN resume indispensable. This comprehensive guide will arm you with the knowledge needed to assemble a standout resume that can be your ticket to your dream job.

Grasping the Significance of an Exceptional RN Resume

An Exceptional RN resume is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a carefully strategized tool meant to market your abilities, experiences, and qualifications to prospective employers. A superior RN resume should echo not only your technical expertise but also underscore your soft skills such as empathy, critical thinking, and outstanding communication.

Essential Elements of an Exceptional RN Resume

  1. Contact Information: Incorporate your complete name, professional title (RN), contact number, email address, and LinkedIn profile (if available). Ensure this information is correct and current.

  2. Professional Overview: An effective overview can set the direction for the rest of your resume. It should briefly underline your qualifications, specialties, and career aspirations.

  3. Licenses and Certifications: As an RN, it’s imperative to mention your nursing license number, state of licensure, and any supplementary certifications you possess.

  4. Professional Experience: Outline your relevant work history, starting with the most recent. Include the organization’s name, job title, employment dates, and key responsibilities.

  5. Education: Enumerate your educational qualifications, including the institution’s name, degree earned, and graduation date.

  6. Skills: Spotlight both hard and soft skills pertinent to nursing. Hard skills might encompass clinical knowledge and technical abilities, while soft skills could include communication, teamwork, and empathy.

  7. References: Although not always mandatory, having professional references can fortify your resume.

Exceptional RN Resume

Creating a Persuasive Professional Overview

Your professional overview should be a brief yet potent statement that encapsulates your nursing career. It’s an opportunity to flaunt your unique selling points and illustrate why you would be an excellent fit for the role.

Delineating Your Professional Experience

When delineating your work experience, it’s crucial to concentrate on your accomplishments rather than just duties. Utilize action verbs and quantify accomplishments where feasible. For instance, ‘Devised a novel patient care protocol that augmented patient satisfaction by 20%’.

Accentuating Your Skills

In the skills section, make sure to include those that align with the job description. This not only shows that you’re well-suited to the role but also aids in optimizing your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Displaying Your Education and Certifications

In this section, detail your nursing education and any additional certifications or training courses you’ve completed. If you’re a recent graduate with limited work experience, you might choose to position this section higher on your resume.

Adding References

References can enhance the credibility of your RN resume. However, it’s best to only include them if explicitly asked for or if you have standout recommendations that will significantly augment your application.


Creating an Exceptional RN resume demands careful consideration and meticulousness. By effectively showcasing your skills, experiences, and qualifications, you can construct a compelling document that stands out in the competitive nursing field. Remember, your resume is a mirror of your professional persona – make it count! Also, take a look at our revealing curriculum vitae formats defeat competitors for more tips.

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